As Olba escapes the damaged Freeden with a captured Tiffa Adill to the Alternative Company, his brother Shagai makes good on his deal with Fon Alternative and attacks the group of Vulture ships with a team of mobile suits from the Alternative Company. Determined not to let Tiffa fall into the hands of the company, Garrod takes command of the Gundam X with Jamil's permission and engages in battle against Shagai and Olba in their own Gundams. As the battle continues, Jamil notices similarities in Garrod to himself during the war. Determined not to lose Tiffa again, Fon Alternative uses a salvaged mobile armor from the Space Revolutionary Army to launch a long range attack on the group of mobile suits, not caring if he hits his own or kills the Frost brothers after their service to him. seeing the danger that they are in, Jamil rushes to Garrod and combines what little power he has left from the war with Tiffa's to help him strike back at the Grandeene.

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