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The ZGMF-1000/AAL Noctiluca ZAKU Warrior is a Mobile Suit Variation from the series Gundam SEED Destiny.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An amphibious configuration of the ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior, the Noctiluca ZAKU Warrior has an additional head fin with extra sensors while the new backpack, movable shoulder fins and feet mounted skid plates help the suit to skim across the water surface at a high speed of 50 knots and above. The suit can also move underwater but its diving depth is limited compared to ZAFT's other amphibious MS. The armament of the suit consists of hand grenades, beam assault rifle, homing torpedoes, anti-submarine depth charges and large torpedoes. Due to the modifications required, the Noctiluca ZAKU Warrior is identical in looks to the Noctiluca ZAKU Phantom, an example of the latter is Kaite Madigan's Noctiluca ZAKU Phantom that only has a custom color scheme.


  • Hand Grenade
The ZAKU series of mobile suits is equipped with four hand grenades, two mounted on each side skirt armor. The grenades are mid-range explosives that are used in the same manner as ordinary grenades. Though the ZAKU can only equip four grenades there are five models that can be equipped in various combinations:
  • ZR30F Fragmentation Grenade
  • ZR20E High-Explosive Grenade
  • ZR271 Thermite Incendiary Grenade
  • ZR11Q Flash Grenade
  • ZR13Q Smoke Grenade
  • Mark-13 Homing Torpedo
The Noctiluca ZAKU Warrior is equipped with four homing torpedos mounted on the skid plates, two on each plate, for underwater combat.
  • M25 Anti-Submarine Depth Charge
Another underwater combat weapon, the depth charges are mounted at the back of the skid plates.
  • MMI-M633 Beam Assault Rifle
The primary ranged weapon of the ZAKU is an MMI-M633 beam assault rifle, which unlike most beam rifles does not draw power from the mobile suit's battery. Instead, the rifle has its own independent battery that is stored in a replaceable clip (similar to the technology used in the Eurasian Federation's CAT1-X Hyperion series). When not in use, this weapon could be stored on the back waist armor.
  • 144 cm Large Torpedo
An optional handheld weaponry, the Noctiluca ZAKU Warrior can carry one large torpedo in each hand. The large torpedo is not only wider in diameter but is also longer, it is almost as tall as a MS.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Wizard Pack Hardpoint
  • EX-AAL Notiluca Wizard
  • Skid Plates
  • Sonar Receivers


When ZAFT rolled out the "New Millennium" series of mobile suits, it gave the ZAKU mobile suits produced as part of it the ability to mount several Wizard Packs to adapt to different combat situations and environments. One such ZAKU configuration is the amphibious Noctiluca ZAKU Warrior. Several Noctiluca ZAKU Warriors are deployed alongside ZAFT's other amphibious MS during the attack on Heaven's Base.



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