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The ZGMF-1000 Hospital ZAKU Warrior is a mobile suit Variation from the series Gundam SEED Destiny.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Designed for medical purposes, the Hospital ZAKU Warrior is capable of carrying up to three medical facilities on its back for carrying soldiers away from the battlefield or for on-field treatment of the soldiers. The Hospital ZAKU does not have any armaments, but it can equip any weapon or equipment designed for the ZAKU series.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Medical Facility Modules
The Hospital Zaku is equipped with three medical facility modules that can be carried on its back. All three modules can be covered like a package when docked to the Zaku for travel protection. The modules can be lowered by two incorporated cranes. The incorporated cranes are also able to drag damaged Zakus from the battlefield. After putting the modules into the desired layout, they can be connected together by extendable parts. The Hospital Zaku can pick the modules up by two grip-holds on each module. When docked to the Zaku, each module has clamps that hold on to the module below, when deployed, these clamps are folded up and acts as stabilizers. A tent can also be deployed over the module camp for protection.


Michael Coast piloted a Hospital Zaku Warrior for relief efforts after the fall of Junius Seven. A Hospital Zaku was also deployed by ZAFT in the East Asia area. During the conflict, a scout squadron was eliminated by unknown means and in response a Hospital Zaku was sent out to the area.

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