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The GINN Ceremonial Decoration Type is a Mobile Suit in the series Gundam SEED Destiny.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A GINN variant that is only used for military or formal ceremonies, the GINN Ceremonial Decoration Type (CDT) is basically a standard GINN with ceremonial painting and gold decorations made of resin. Since coordinators do not share a history or culture, the suit was designed by a computer simulation based on color psychology and other social sciences. The suit isn't designed for combat and this is reflected in its armament. If piloted by a commander, the suit carries an elegant ceremonial saber similar to the sabers on older personal gala uniforms. On the other hand, if piloted by an ordinary soldier, the GINN CDT is equipped with a ceremonial 76mm rifle.


  • Ceremonial 76mm Rifle
A bolt action single-shot rifle, some of its parts are made from real oak while its sling belt is made of natural leather which is from cultured skin tissues. The rifle is normally loaded with blank ammunition, but it can also use live rounds as it shares some of its inner components with the MMI-M8A3 76mm Heavy Assault Machine Gun.
  • Ceremonial Saber
A saber made of foaming metal, it is used only by commanders and mounted on the left hip of the suit.


The GINN Ceremonial Decoration Type is one of the many variants of the standard ZGMF-1017 GINN which ZAFT created to fulfil different purposes. This suit is one of the few models which isn't designed for combat but for formal ceremonies. The unit is still in active service in CE 73 with some of them being used to welcome PLANT Supreme Council chairman Gilbert Durandal on the colony Armory One.


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