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The ZGMF-1017 Works GINN is a Mobile Suit in the manga series Gundam SEED Astray.

Technology and Combat characteristics

Since the Works GINN is mainly used for maintenance work, salvaging or construction, equipment helpful at such work is mounted on the suit. This includes a towing winch in the croth area of the suit as well as a three-fingered fine manipulator hand in place of the usual five-fingered left hand. Lastly, the suit features two wing binders mounted on the back of the suit, each mounting two maneuvering thrusters for increased flight stability when working in space. Although the Works GINN is not designed for fighting, it can use weapons such as the linear gun when needed.


  • Linear Gun
A Works GINN had been seen using a Linear Gun for defensive purposes. In the age of beam weapons and hardened armor, linear weaponry's effectiveness in modern MS combat is reduced. However, the weapon's low cost/production point and high rate of fire makes up for its poor performance.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Towing Winch
  • Fine Manipulator Hand


The ZGMF-1017 GINN was the first mass-produced mobile suit created by ZAFT to be used in the First Alliance-PLANT War. Over time, a large number of variants of the standard model are created to be used in different situations. Although most of them are combat models, there are some which are used for non-combat roles. The Works GINN is one such unit, as it was created mainly for working duties.

Due to its non-combat role, the Works GINN is favored among peaceful groups, especially the Junk Guild. One known Works GINN is piloted by Guild member Liam Garfield, who uses his suit for salvaging or working operations. Although he tries to not enter combat, Liam is forced to use his Works GINN in battle, when he and his comrades decided to protect the neutral colony Litilia, on which his brother lived. The colony decided to leave the Earth Sphere for Jupiter but to prevent this from happening, the Earth Alliance attacked it. Liam thus picked up a linear gun and fought against the attackers.

With the introduction of the more advanced MWF-JG71 Raysta and the MWF-JG73 Civilian Astray JG Custom, the Works GINN however starts to lose its usefulness for the Junk Guild.



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