The ZGMF-2000G2 GOUF Galactica is a custom variant of ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Astray R.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

A custom GOUF Ignited piloted by the mercenary, Mr. Knight. Additional armor plates are added to areas that have a high probability of being hit during battle, and its medieval knight-like appearance is based on Mr. Knight's preference. The Gouf Galactica retains most of the original Gouf Ignited's armament, and has several custom weaponry including a modified Caletvwlch. The Gouf Galactica's wings can emit a pair of beam mantles, but it is unknown if they serve any offensive purpose.


  • MA-M757 "Slayer Whip" Heat Rod
The same armament as used by the original Gouf Ignited, one is stored in each forearm. These rods can be used to whip a target and at the same time deliver an electric charge, causing great pain to the pilot. When the charge is delivered while the heat rod is wrapped around an object, the shock can cause the object to explode. The rod can heat up via high frequencey vibration to such a degree that it can slice lightly armored suits in half.
  • M181SE "Draupnir" 4-barrel Beam Gun
The same armament as used by the original Gouf Ignited, but while the Gouf Ignited has one on each forearm, the Gouf Galactica only has one 4-barrel beam gun mounted on the left forearm. Although it has a short firing range, it can fire a dense barrage of beams that can damage or even destroy a battleship.
  • Sword
A double-edged sword that is wielded single-handedly.
  • Shield
A customized version of the original Gouf Ignited's anti-beam coated shield. It does not stores a "Tempest" Beam Sword.
  • Shield Spike & Beam Spike
The GOUF Galactica's shield can be equipped with parts from the Caletvwlch at the bottom. Depending on the parts added, they not only grant the shield two physical spikes but also two beam spikes.
  • Caletvwlch
A customizable multipurpose equipment created by Lowe Guele and mass produced by Junk Guild. It is meant for cutting and induction welding, but can be used for combat if the limiter is disabled via a voice command. The equipment normally consists of two blades and a welding torch, and is powered by an internal battery. During combat, it can function as a gun (aka G mode, where the welding torch functions as a beam rifle) or can be reconfigured into a sword (aka S mode). GOUF Galactica's Caletvwlch have been modified with two spikes and the ability to emit two beam spikes. These parts can be transferred onto the shield, granting it offensive capabilities. Furthermore, by switching and adding new components, GOUF Galactica's Caletvwlch can be modified into a lance capable of generating a beam blade at the tip.


The mercenary piloting the GOUF Galactica, Mr. Knight, was hired by a village to be its protector. One night, the GOUF Galactica launched in response to an unidentified mobile suit closing in on the village. The approaching mobile suit was the Blau Calamity on its way to its testing ground, but the GOUF Galactica's pilot was unaware of this and immediately treated it as a hostile unit. Despite getting into close combat range, the GOUF Galactica was still bested by the Blau Calamity due to the latter's overwhelming firepower.


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