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The ZM-A05G Recarl is a mobile armor from the anime series Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The ZM-A05G Recarl is a mobile armor designed to be used on Earth, specifically for atmospheric combat. It is completely incapable of operating on the ground or in space.

The Recarl uses two high output ultracompact fusion reactors to power a high yield mega particle gun slung under the main body. This devastatingly powerful weapon compared to the main guns of battle ships and made the Recarl and excellent long range artillery unit. In the event that an enemy unit should get close enough to the Recarl that they can no longer be targeted by the main gun, the mobile armor can employ two smaller beam cannons for combat. The pilot of the Recarl must avoid letting an enemy into melee range at all costs as the Recarl is not equipped with any melee weapons or advanced defense systems with which to protect itself from such attacks.

Aside from its use in combat the Recarl can act as a passenger transport as it is equipped with a passenger cabin that holds six seats while additional passengers can take one of the co-pilot seats in the cockpit.


  • Mega Particle Gun
The main weapon of the Recarl is a mega particle gun slung under the main body. With two Minovsky ultracompact fusion reactors to draw power from the mega particle gun had a power output exceeded that of most mobile suit weapons.
  • Beam Cannons
Because the mega particle gun is limited by a minimum range, the Recarl is equipped with two beam cannons with which to fight enemy units that close in past the minimum range. Though less powerful the beam cannons would have a higher rate of fire.


The ZM-A05G Recarl is one of the units built by BESPA that the Zanscare Empire used in their invasion of Earth. It is unknown how many were produced, however it is known that one Recarl was used as a favored command vehicle by Yellow Jacket commander Fuala Griffon. She did not pilot the machine, rather she would sit in a co-pilot seat where she would give orders.

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