The ZM-D11GRB Abigorbine is a custom mobile suit appearing in the Gundam Build Fighters. Based on the ZM-D11S Abigor, the Gunpla is built and controlled by Luang Dallara.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A customized purple-colored Abigor from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, it is bigger than other Gunplas of the same scale and is used by Luang Dallara, the Gunpla Battle Champion of Thailand. The overall design of the model is remodeled and enhanced with new parts, giving it a beetle-like appearance as well as improved overall performance and power. It also has the ability to transform into flight mode like the original and has small, fluttering beam wings. Weapon wise, it retains some of the Abigor's weapons but has additional missile launchers and arm-mounted beam guns.


  • Beam Cannon
Mounted in the horn on top of the head, it is the unit's most powerful ranged beam weapon and can easily destroy an enemy unit in one shot.
  • Beam Cutter
The Abigorbine is equipped with 3 beam cutters, 2 on the arms and 1 on the back. The back-mounted beam cutter is the small protusion on the back, it can launch the beam blade that is generated as a ranged weapon. The beam blades generated by the arm beam cutters can function as small beam wings while in flight mode.
  • Beam Gun
A pair of beam guns are mounted in the arms, right below the beam cutters.
  • Beam Scythe
Like the original ZM-D11S Abigor, the Abigorbine is armed with a pair of beam scythes as its primary close combat weapons. The beam scythes can be combined into a two-bladed beam scythe.
  • 5-tube Missile Launcher
A pair of missile launchers mounted in the Abigorbine's shoulders, they are mainly used when the unit is transformed into its flight mode.
  • Batting Ram
A club-like weapon given to the Abigorbine at random during the Original Weapon Battle. The Abigorbine uses it as a baseball bat in the baseball challenge with the Star Build Strike Gundam.


For the history of Abigorbine, please go to Luang Dallara's page.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Abigorbine's colors and design are a tribute to Dunbine, the titular mecha of Aura Battler Dunbine (another series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino).
  • The arm beam guns are actually thrusters in the original Abigor and are used when the suit is in MA mode.



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