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ZM-S09GE Tomliat Reconnaissance Type

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ZM-S09GE Tomliat Reconnaissance Type

ZM-S09GE Tomliat Reconnaissance Type
Unit Type

Transformable Reconnaissance Mobile Suit


Model Number
  • ZM-S09GE
Developed from

General Characteristics


The ZM-S09GE Tomliat Reconnaissance Type is a Mobile Suit from the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam metaseries, It is featured in the Victory Gundam Mobile Suit Variations series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The ZM-S09GE Tomliat Reconnaissance Type is a variant of the Tomliat mobile suit designed for conducting reconnaissance. For this purpose the Tomliat's shoulders are modified by addition of sensor gathering equipment. Aside from that addition it appears to use the same equipment and armaments as the standard Tomliat. It is unknown if the black color scheme is designed to increase its stealth profile.

It is possible that the data gathering equipment of the GE Tomliat is superior to what was used 30 years in the past as unlike Crossbone Vanguard reconnaissance mobile suits (the first machines to use beam shields), the Tomliat is still equipped with its beam rotors/shields.



The SM-S09GE Tomliat Reconnaissance Type would have been first introduced in UC 0153, either at the same time or just after the mainstream Tomliat was introduced.


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