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ZM-S22G Rig Shokew Beam Rotor Equipment Type

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ZM-S22G Rig Shokew Beam Rotor Equipment Type

Unit Type

General-Purpose Mobile Suit


Model Number
  • ZM-S22G
Developed from
First Seen

General Characteristics

Head Height
  • 15.9 meters52.165 ft
    625.984 in
Max Weight
  • 18.5 metric tons
Standard Weight
  • 8.2 metric tons
Power Output
  • 5960 kW7,992.491 hp
Pilot Accommodations
  • pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
  • High-titanium alloy/neo-ceramic composite


Max Acceleration
  • 4.19 G
  • Rocket thrusters: 3 x 15540 kg
  • 4 x 7770 kg *Vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 22
  • Beam Rotor
  • 3-barrel Beam String Emitter
  • 2 x Beam Fan
Special Equipments and Features
  • 4 x Hardpoints
    • 2 x Back Hardpoints
    • 2 x Leg Hardpoints
Optional Equipment
  • Hand Beam Gun

The ZM-S22G Rig Shokew Beam Rotor Equipment Type is a mobile suit from the Victory Gundam Mobile Suit Variations series.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

A ground-use variant of the ZM-S22S Rig Shokew, the Beam Rotor Equipment Type was identical for the most part. The only known change was the replacement of the left arm's beam shield with a full beam rotor. While the stock Rig Shokew was capable of using its shield as a makeshift rotor, a dedicated rotor is speculated to have been more stable and efficient in the function.


  • Beam Rotor
The only discernible difference between this unit and the stock Rig Shokew is the replacement of the beam shield with a beam rotor. While beam shields could be modified to replicate the function, a proper, dedicated beam rotor is believed to be more efficient and stable at generating lift.
  • 3-barrel Beam String Emitter
The "horn" of the Rig Shokew mounts a 3-Barrel Beam String Emitter. Like its name suggests, it makes I-Field "Strings" that can be used to restrain an enemy unit, or protect the MS from Missiles. It can even cut through the enemies armor, though the effectiveness of this application is limited by the relatively short reach of the Beam Strings.
  • Beam Rifle
A standard hand carried ranged beam weapon is the beam rifle. Capable of firing concentrated mega particles, attacks from a beam rifle can damage any ordinary armor that has not been specially treated to resist it. One of the more effective methods of blocking a beam rifle is to use a beam shield.
  • Beam Saber
Another standard weapon of a MS. The beam saber is a small cylindrical device held in the mobile suit's hands when operated and is powered by an energy capacitor that is recharged from special racks. The beam saber is capable of cutting through any metal that has not been treated with anti-beam coating. The Rig Shokew is equipped with a pair of Beam Sabers. When not in use, they are stored in a recharge rack.
  • Beam Fan
In addition to the sabers, the Rig Shokew is equipped with a pair of Beam Fans. Like its name suggests, these are basically beam sabers with a shorter, far wider blade resembling a fan. The use of Beam Fan may have come from the legend that Kunoichi (Female Ninja) used fans for combat. They are used as a weapon, a shield, and a signalling tool.
  • Hand Beam Gun
While most mobile suits feature only a single large beam rifle, the Rig Shokew carries two additional small Hand Beam Guns. Despite their small size, the guns are powerful enough to destroy an enemy unit with a single shot. When not in use, the guns are mounted on the hips of the unit.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Hardpoints



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