Zakorello Gate
Zakorello Gate (Paparello)

Voiced By

Japanese Voice Takashi Nagasako (Paparello)
English Voice Paul St. Peter (Paparello)
Family Mamarello (wife)

Chobirello (son)

Military Info
Allegiance Dark Axis (formerly)

Super Dimensional Guard

Occupation Inter-dimensional portal

The Zakorello Gate (ザクレロゲート, Zakurero Gēto) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


The Zakorello Gate while looking like nothing more than a piece of technology is actually a living entity that is named Paparello. Paparello is able to open up a corridor that connects various dimensions, which the Dark Axis use to carry out their invasions. In order to gain the cooperation of Paparello, Chobirello (Paparello's son) is used as a control device.


Both Paparello and Chobirello are based upon the MA-04X Zakrello.


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