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The Zamouth Nada-class is a fictional space warship that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam F91 movie.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The Zamouth Nada-class of destroyer is the smallest vessel in the Crossbone Vanguard space fleet, only a third of the size of the flagship Zamouth Garr-class. Due to its small size, the Zamouth Nada has no internal hangars or catapults, and carries its mobile suits on four external storage platforms. As with other Crossbone Vanguard ships, its bridge can retract into its hull for protection, and can also detach to become an emergency escape craft


  • Two-Barrel Main Gun
The small Zamouth Nada-class of ship is lightly armed with only two 2-barrel mega particle guns mounted on the bow in front of the bridge.


The Zamouth Nada-class of ship was used by the Crossbone Vanguard in the year UC 0123 during their invasion of the Frontier Side colonies.


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