The xvm-mzc Zeydalus is a mobile suit from the last episode of the second generation of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. It was piloted by Medel Zant.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Unlike other Vagan mobile suits, the Zeydalus is considered more of a close combat MS. Its Beam Vulcan Guns were removed from the design, having nothing but a Beam Cannon as its only long-ranged weapon. However, the Zeydalus is incredibly fast and agile in terms of close combat capabilities, which suits Medel's fighting style. The unit is equipped with newer weapons, such as the Shiguru Claws and a flexible Shiguru Blade/Tail, making it a formidable opponent for the Federation's mobile suits. It possesses the Earth Federation's Shiguru Blade technology due to secret agreements between Vagan and Earth Federation companies and organizations.[1]


  • Shiguru Claw
The Zeydalus is armed with three large blades and two smaller ones in each hand that form a claw. These claws are used to slice and pierce through enemy MS.
  • Shiguru Blade/Tail
A long blade is mounted on the Zeydalus's tail, used to stab enemy MS.
  • Diffuse Beam Cannon
The Zeydalus mounts a standard Diffuse Beam Cannon on the torso.

System Features


One Zeydalus unit, piloted by Medel Zant was seen in A.G. 142 during a Vagan attack on Earth. The objective of attack was the assassination of the President of the Federation, who was secretly collaborating with Vagan. This Zeydalus unit engaged in battle and was defeated by Asemu Asuno's AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 Normal.

It is unknown if more Zeydalus were built or used as there has not been any other appearance of the Zeydalus.

Notes and Trivia

Picture Gallery


  1. "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Mechanic and World" March 2, Futaba, 2013. ISBN 978-4-575-46472-6.

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