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Genetic Type
  • Oldtype
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Unit Commander
  • Mobile Suit pilot
  • Captain/Lieutenant
Mobile Weapons

Zhukov (ジューコフ Jukofu?) is a character that appears in the short film Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Battle in Three Dimensions. He piloted a MS-07H-8 Gouf Flight Type.


The team leader of a Zeon mobile suit unit being assigned to ambush incoming Earth Federation forces from attacking Zeon's secret base in South East Asia, Zhukov commanded his team on the ground with his aerial MS Gouf Flight Type covering the sky and shallow water.

Personality & Character

As a MS pilot, Zhukov was calm and level-headed, as shown with his systematic attack against Federation targets. He was confident with his piloting skills and the power of his MS, as he didn't panic against the powerful and well-armored Gundam Ez8.

Skills & Abilities

Zhukov was a highly-skilled MS pilot, evident with his fine maneuvering technique with the Gouf Flight Type in the sky and hovering above water. He was quick to react, being able move his MS out of dangerous situation. In addition, he was also a marksman, scoring accurate hits against enemy MS.


Zhukov's team was assigned an unknown bridge crossing somewhere in South East Asia to ambush and destroy incoming Federation forces from entering the Zeon mountain base which was secretly developing the Apsalus mobile armor. As shown in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Battle in Three Dimensions, Zhukov's team encountered Shiro Amada's Gundam Ez8 and the 08th MS Team which was on its way to join the impending Federation attacks. Armed with the aerial Gouf Flight Type and geographical advantage, Zhukov gained an upper hand in disabling Shiro's teammates and put them into disadvantage. However, with Michel Ninorich's brave action and Gundam Ez8's tough armor, Zhukov and his team was eventually annihilated.


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