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The Zogojuaju (ゾゴジュアッジュ - Zogojuajju) is an amphibious mobile suit. It was first featured in the manga series Mobile Suit Gundam-san.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Little is known about Zogojuaju's performance. The design pages provide in manga, however, revealed that it's equipped with MS-06 Zaku II's thruster near its hip and can jump with it. Its crotch mouth and tentacles hiding set of torpedo launchers. And despite high heels, Zogojuaju can run pretty fast.


The Zogojuaju first appears when Kai Shiden comments that the MSM-04N Agguguy and MSM-08 Zogok are such ugly designs. He draws the Zogojuaju on notebook, joking that this might be the next of Zeon's amphibious mobile suits. Much to his surprise, the real Zogojuaju attacks - one painted in red and featuring a commander antenna.

Zogojuaju make second appearance when Kycilia Zabi ask Char to pick a mobile suit from either a red-hued Zogojuaju and standard MS-14A Gelgoog. Without thinking, Char chooses the Zogojuaju since it's red and has a horn.


  • Mouth Torpedo Launcher
  • Tentacles



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